Where it Started
A Selma native, in 2009, I was laid off from the construction trade. I decided to use my time to go back to school and study horticulture, I had always wanted to farm. My family already owned a small piece of land in Selma, NC, where I spent my childhood. But with only 30 acres, there weren’t a lot of options for what we could grow. Grapes seemed to be a good fit and Muscadines are perfect for surviving in the sometimes harsh North Carolina weather. We started with one acre, added four a year later and in 2017 we will add five more! We currently grow over 17 varieties of fresh market, wine and “You Pick” muscadine grape varieties.
You Pick​​​
Mid August - Early October. By the Pound. Container provided.

As first generation farmers, it is our goal to not only farm grapes, but provide an educational environment where families can visit, learn about where their food comes from and understand what it takes to grow just one pound of muscadine grapes in North Carolina.

Individuals, families and small groups. Large groups are welcome by reservation.
From field to market. Our Fresh market grape varieties are available in stores. Contact us today for more details. 

Large, juicy, and full of flavor. Grow firm bunches of deep reddish-purple to nearly black southern grapes. Good fresh.

Triumph Muscadine
Extra-large and juicy! Vigorous vines produce large clusters of bronze-pink muscadine grapes. Excellent fresh with its cool, sweet crunch.

Summit Muscadine
Recommended by the University of Georgia to be the best main season bronze muscadine for the fresh fruit market. Red-bronze fruit is 1 inch in diameter.
Excellent for fresh eating.

Tara Scuppernong Muscadine
Large, sweet, mild in flavor and perfectly round.
This grape is excellent for fresh eating.

Similar to the concord grape, Sunbelt is excellent for juice, jams and wine. 

Proud to be a part of the 400 year old muscadine wine tradtion, Myrick Vinyeards offers a variety of wine quality grapes as well as acerage to dedicate specifically to a selection of your choice. Contact us today for more details! 

Darlene Muscadine
A beautiful bronze  variety that is great for eating or wine making. Darlene muscadine contains 22% sugar and the flavor is unbeatable. Considered by most to be the best bronze muscadine variety available. 

Noble Muscadine
Small, deep red, mostly black fruit develops in large clusters. Popular choice for muscadine wine, juice, and jelly. 

Carlos Muscadine -
Carlos is the standard muscadine used to make white muscadine wine. It is bronze self-fertile, 16% sugar. Medium size with good quality. The Carlos muscadine vine is very vigorous with high fruit yields.

Magnolia Muscadine
Composed of 15% sugar, this medium sized muscadine is good quality, and excellent for wine making.

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