A family owned, country vineyard located in the heart of Johnston County, Myrick Vineyards offers a variety of muscadine grapes perfect for wine or table and three ways to experience them!
Wine Grapes
Muscadine Wine is a 400 year old North Carolina tradition we are proud to be a part of. Contact us today about purchasing or growing a specific variety exclusively for your winery.
Fresh Market Grapes
Rich in antioxidants, reported health benefits and increasing availability of tastier varieties, make fresh market muscadines a top pick for your dining room table or afternoon picnic!
You Pick!
From educational opportunities to family outings, Myrick Vineyards offers the chance to learn about what it takes to grow a pound of grapes while you pick a basket of your own.

​​Myrick Vineyards

205 Hatcher Rd.
Selma, NC | 27576